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“I like that WPS’s educated and friendly staff strike a solid balance between social development and academics.”

“Every minute of the day has a purpose as it relates to curriculum, play, and social skill development.”

“In WPS, we found a true preschool program, not a day care offering a preschool curriculum. There is a big difference.”

“The teachers I met were all mature and experienced, and I appreciated that they were all parents themselves.”

“My daughter’s instant comfort level on our first visit told me this was the place for us.”

“The teachers’ love for the children is apparent.”

“My son walked right into the classroom on our first visit and started interacting with the students. That never happened when visiting any other school.”

“I love that parental involvement is appreciated. My volunteering tells my child his education is important to me, and it gives me a chance to get to know the other children and their families.”

“The atmosphere is very nurturing. I like the kindness of the teachers at WPS.”

“The extended day options provide our busy family with the flexibility we sometimes need.”

“After observing the behavior of certain children in town - those I found to be confident, polite, curious, engaged - I asked their parents where they attended preschool. WPS was the consistent answer, which told me it was a good choice for my own children.”


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